Escaping the Gravity

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Escaping the Gravity

March 6, 2014 by joanapterLeave a comment

when you are getting ready to depart for a big trip, its like preparing to leave this world. everything that is incomplete comes up for attention. for me, that means paperwork, financial paperwork, the stuff i avoid like the plague. but alas, it comes up and you know it just has to be attended to. this chapter of my life is all about facing the details, surrendering without the editorial opinions (this is meaningless! )

its amazing what i learn when i open my mind and empty my opinions. who knows what is possible! i may become a tax accountant! ha ha.

as I prepare to leave on my next healing journey, i want to share with you a quote from the book i am reading,  “Anti Cancer- A New Way of Life” by david servan-schreiber, MD, PhD


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