Do you want to see a picture of my grand bagel?


Paul's grand bagel----a source of great pride. Paul’s grand bagel—-a work of art.

By Paul Goldfinger, Editor @Blogfinger

People I know like to show pictures of children or grandchildren on their phones or on Facebook.  But I don’t have any grandchildren, so, instead I want to show  you my grand bagel.  This one was custom made for me this morning by one of the Wegmans ace bagel bakers.  They normally make their bagels so that they are lighter in color.  The reason is that they hold up better through the day.  Their technique is usually very good, but the baking time is inadequate.  They will make yours darker if you ask them.

A  grand bagel is kept in the oven about 10 minutes longer to make the crust darker and thus crunchier. Along with that, the interior is chewier.  Couple this with some butter or cream cheese  (i.e. a “schmeer”*)  and a cup of their Sumatran coffee, and you are in business…

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