Blogfinger citizen reporters were providing our earliest information. February 6, 2015.

February 6th 2015 fire on Main Avenue


Video by William Heatley  came in at 6:43 pm

4:56 pm   Carol Livingstone: “Several buildings seem to be involved. Word on the street was that it started in apartments over Smuggler’s Cove  spread. Fire companies from many towns; I saw Manasquan.”

5:03 pm  James Calder:  “Hey Paul—not sure if you heard, but big fire o Main St. In OG.”

5:04 pm  Golfingal92:  “Huge fire on Main Avenue.  Massive damage.”

5:04 pm  Ted Aanensen (Blogfinger staff) : “One injury; looked like a policeman.” He sent some of our earliest photographs at 4:47 pm.

5:11 pm    Ed Demby  (BF roving reporter:) Texted us from Chester with radio report of fire  (101.5).

5:32 pm  Prosper Bellizia  (Blogfinger staff)  sent earliest  photos at 3:59 pm.  He wrote at 5:32 pm that  manager of Yvonne’s told that he heard smoke alarms going off then smelled smokier…

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