Noel Duffy – Four Poems

The Galway Review

Noel cropped - webNoel Duffy was born in Dublin. His debut collection In the Library of Lost Objects (Ward Wood Publishing, London, 2011) was shortlisted for the Shine/Strong Award for best First Collection by an Irish Poet. A second collection On Light & Carbon followed in autumn 2013. His latest collection Summer Rain is expected in summer 2016, again from Ward Wood.

Surface Tension

Water too has a skin,
that membrane that separates
its world from our own, the meniscus
that trembles in the light
late evening breeze, not breaking it
but forming small rivulets
upon its surface, a flickering
of light playing on the eye
separating our world from theirs:
the kingdom of water,
the kingdom of air.

The Leap

In the late months of every year they must face
the perennial ordeal: to make the long journey back
from the wide oceans’ deep to the freshwater lakes
in which they were…

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